The Advantages of Digital Dental Crown Prep

Digital Dental Crown

Whether you’re prepping an anterior or posterior crown, digital intraoral scanners make it possible to quickly scan both the original and prepped tooth. From there, lab software copies the preexisting anatomy to produce a picture-perfect copy of the original tooth. Having a 1-to-1 copy eliminates much of the headache associated with tooth prep.

In addition to improving preoperative workflows, digital scanners can also optimize dental implant workflows. With digital scans, you can use a scan body or implant-positioning transfer device to determine the exact location of the implant. This can reduce errors and the frequency of retakes, helping to both streamline your process and reduce total patient chair time.

Why Is Tooth Preparation Important?

Proper zirconia crown prep is crucial to a prosthodontic that fits comfortably and correctly. For obvious reasons, comfort is paramount when it comes to improving patient experience. If they leave your office with minimal pain and discomfort, patients are more likely to view their experience in a positive light.

But the fit of a zirconia dental crown can have ramifications beyond how it feels in your patient’s mouth. Your patient’s oral health is also affected. When you’re diligent about zirconia crown prep, you’re better able to install a finished crown that fits well and dodge the oral health risks of an ill-fitting crown.

Those risks can include:

  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Teeth fracture
  • Jaw pain

There’s also evidence to suggest that adequate zirconia crown prep may help improve crown longevity by staving off complications that arise from biological health factors. According to some studies, improper preparation may contribute to crown failures in the face of tooth decay and other periodontal diseases.

While analog methods may have been adequate in the past, modern technology has rendered them obsolete. They simply relied too much on guesswork and trial and error. Not to mention the various translations within the impression process that can expose even the best dentists to potential errors.

Digital workflows have changed that, providing a streamlined, user-friendly process that  can reduce the number of translations from impression to design—thus leaving fewer opportunities for an issue to occur.

Put simply, these tools can improve every aspect of the dental crown prep process.


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