Mercury Fillings FAQs

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Can mercury leak from amalgam fillings?

Silver mercury amalgam does emit tiny amounts of mercury vapour, mainly during the placement and removal of the filling. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t drip into your mouth like a leaking tap.

The mercury in amalgam fillings is chemically bonded to other metals to make it more stable.

Is it safe to remove amalgam fillings during pregnancy?

Ask your dentist about your options.
There is no scientific evidence to show that your existing amalgam fillings have harmful effects on the health of you or your infant. But when removed, a small amount of mercury vapour is released. If this enters the mother’s body it can be passed onto her infant through the placenta or while breastfeeding.

Therefore, dentists won’t remove amalgam fillings during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary, i.e. if a filling is broken or there is further decay requiring urgent treatment.

Can you cover silver fillings with white?

It is actually possible to mix the two materials in what is knows as the ‘sandwich technique’. However, this is only the preferred case where removing the silver filling undermines the tooth structure and makes a new filling impossible.

It’s not possible to simply cover a silver filling with white without removing some of the amalgam since this would affect the bite.

Can you replace silver fillings with white fillings?

Yes, absolutely. It is a relatively common procedure to replace amalgam fillings with composite fillings whether it’s because of health concerns or cosmetic preferences.

The part people don’t agree on is whether it’s a good idea to remove amalgam fillings before they have come to the end of their natural life. Removing them releases mercury vapour, so many dentists will advise against this unless it’s clinically necessary.

Can any dentist remove silver fillings safely?

Yes, dentists are trained to provide the safe removal of all fillings and their governing body ensures standards are met in doing so safely both for their patients and the environment.

Can I refuse to have silver fillings?

Yes, you must always be given the option for an alternative filling material whether you see a dentist on the NHS or privately.

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