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Udenz: Transforming Dental Care in the MENA Region

In 2015, Dr. Hisham Safadi, a visionary dentist, was inspired to create a revolutionary platform that would simplify the way patients connect with dentists in their area. He aimed to eliminate the frustration of long waiting times and unavailability of appointments.

In 2016, Udenz app was launched, a leading dental healthcare Engagement platform in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, with over 500 dental clinics and more than 625 professional teams of Dental Specialists and Dentists who are committed to Excellence in Dentistry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Muscat, Manama, Kuwait, Doha, Cairo, Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Hebron, Jerusalem and Khartoum.

The app is offering a seamless digital experience for patients and dentists alike. With just a few taps, patients could easily find nearby dental clinics, read reviews, and book appointments at their convenience.

The company has recorded revenue growth of 12 per cent per year.

The groundbreaking nature of Udenz and Dr. Hisham Safadi’s commitment to excellence caught the attention of Forbes Middle East Magazine, and in the same year, we were acknowledged in “The 50 UAE Startups to Watch in the UAE and the Arab World 2017/2018”. This recognition fueled our passion to transform the dental industry and improve patient care.

To support our mission and expand our reach, we successfully raised $200,000 through crowdinvesting in 2018, putting the valuation of investment at $1.7M. This achievement affirmed the trust and belief investors had in our vision and the potential impact of Udenz.

In 2019, UdenzX, an eCommerce platform, was launched, offering dental products from across the globe at discounted prices. This further expanded our services and brought convenience and affordability to dental care.

In early May 2020, we began a pilot test for dental treatment installment plans through our new service, UDENZPAY. This online payment solution allowed patients to pay for their dental treatments in installments. The pilot cases were successful, onboarding 10 dentists within the UAE who offered installment plans for patients referred through UDENZ.

In the same year, we introduced tele dentistry, allowing patients to virtually consult with dentists. This became crucial when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, as many patients were hesitant to visit dental clinics. Through our teledentistry platform, consultations were conducted online, providing patients with confidence and enabling them to proceed with necessary dental procedures.

In September 2020, UDENZ confirmed a successful Bridge fund round, raising $100,000 USD from Global Ventures UAE and several angel investors. This bridge round valued the Dental app at £2 million since the last crowdfunding round in 2017, led by Eureeca, where UDENZ raised approximately $201,000.

Fast forward to 2023, Udenz has not only established itself as a leading dental platform but has also become the largest dental ecosystem in the MENA region. In its new era, Udenz offers courses, crowdfunding, events, jobs, electronic dental record, note-taking tools, sustainability assessment, ecommerce platform, and even exciting mobile app games. Through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we have expanded our services, connecting patients with a comprehensive network of trusted dental professionals.

We remain dedicated to enhancing the dental experience, improving accessibility, and empowering patients to take control of their oral health. Join us as we continue to revolutionize dental care and shape the future of oral wellness in the MENA region and beyond.




SEHTEQ invests in Udenz to promote Dental Tourism in Dubai


Official Launch of Udenz App


UDENZ Setup Dental Tourism Packages in Oman


Dental Tourism Packages in Dubai promoted by UDENZ Dental app


Udenz is Middle East and North Africa region's first dedicated dentist discovery platform


UAE dental app Udenz raised $200,000 in crowdinvesting


UdenzX was launched



Teledentristy was introduced


Udenz raised $100,000 Bridge round


Global Excellence Award for Dr. Hisham Safadi as a Dental Care CEO of the Year for 2020



Udenz Mobile App version upgrade with better features


Udenz’ expansion to be the largest dental ecosystem in the MENA Region


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