The Importance of a Routine Dental Check-Up

The Importance of a Routine Dental Check-Up

A routine dental check-up is important to ensure that there are no issues with your oral health and to detect any concerns as early as possible. The best way to deal with oral health concerns is through prevention. A routine dental check-up allows you to detect potential issues before they worsen and to receive the proper preventive and restorative care. 

Routine dental check-up: What is its purpose?

A routine dental check-up helps with the prevention of a range of oral health concerns, including but not limited to periodontal disease, teeth decay, and teeth stains. This review discusses the purpose of a routine dental check-up and why it is so highly recommended among dentists. 

Prevent periodontal disease

Periodontal disease can result from plaque and tartar buildup along the gum line that goes untreated for too long. Gum disease can be prevented through good at-home oral care and smart dietary choices (e.g., limited sugar consumption), but dental check-up visits are also important.

Prevent dental tooth decay 

Tooth decay occurs when the outermost layer of teeth (known as the dental enamel) begins to erode away. This occurs as a result of an acidic reaction caused by a combination of bacteria and particles from food, drinks, etc. A dental check-up detects the early signs of tooth decay and can help prevent tooth decay by strengthening weakened enamel.

Keep teeth looking great

Keep teeth looking great

There are also cosmetic benefits to a dental check-up visit. Generally, the dentist performs a routine cleaning procedure the same day as the check-up. This removes plaque and tartar build-up on teeth and along the gum line, which can help reduce the risk of developing teeth stains. The check-up also provides an opportunity for the dentist to make cosmetic treatment recommendations and inform patients on how they can improve their smiles. 

Detect any underlying concerns

Dentists typically recommend new dental X-rays once every year. In addition to the oral examination, this allows them to detect any underlying concerns that may otherwise go undetected, such as bone loss in the jaw, impacted teeth, etc. There are also many issues a dentist checks for during check-up that the patient cannot detect on their own at home. For example, deep gum pockets are a serious sign of periodontal disease, but it is hard to detect through an at-home oral examination. 

Help educate about oral care at home

Lastly, the dentist can help educate the patient on ways that they can improve their oral care routine at home in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile between check-up visits. The patient is also encouraged to ask any questions that they have about their oral health. 

Schedule a routine dental check-up today

You can schedule a routine dental check-up by calling our dental team today. We can find the right time for you to come in, and our friendly dental team is happy to answer any questions. While we offer restorative care, we pride ourselves on helping our patients prevent issues before they develop.

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