What is Zirconia Crown Made of?

zirconia crowns making

Now the zirconia crown is actually one type of crown among other crowns. It is of the very superior quality crown and is made with the latest technologies and materials.

The strength and appearance both are far more superior than the usual crown. The usual crowns could be porcelain crown, porcelain fused metal crowns, all-metal crowns, etc.

What is Zirconia Crown Made of

Zirconia is actually made up of zirconium dioxide.

  • This zirconium dioxide is white in color.
  • This is powdered metal oxide.
  • Also, the zirconia makes a good choice for dental material because it is chemically unreactive.

The zirconia crowns are made with the blocks of zirconium and these are easy to manufacture, as mostly designing is done by the lab technician, and all the manufacturing process is done in the machine. Hence, consumes much less time of the operator.

How Zirconia is different from others

There are various aspects which make the zirconia crown superior then any other material like porcelain, metal fused porcelain or all metal crowns, etc. Some of these important characteristics are:

Advantages of zirconia crown

  • It has a natural appearance resembling the tooth.
  • Hardness is much more than other crown material.
  • It can bear more trauma than other crown materials
  • Zirconia crowns do not fracture easily.
  • Zirconia crown has very high wear resistance.
  • Zirconium metal does not have an oxidation reaction.
  • In this chemical corrosion does not occur.

Positive points of Zirconia Crown

  • The great resemblance to the natural tooth enamel color.
  • In this type of dental crowns metal base is not required.
  • Tooth preparation is least as compared to other crowns.
  • Zirconia resists hot and cold temperatures well.
  • Zirconia crowns resist staining and discoloration.
  • These are biocompatible.

Negative points of Zirconia Crown

The zirconia crowns are the result of latest and advanced technology and surely have a large number of advantages, but there is a certain aspect which could be seen as the concerning points, these are:

First of all its High Strength and Durability

Yes, although it is the greatest positive point of the zirconia crown that it does not get damaged and have very high strength, but it also provides a disadvantage, because as we know the tooth over which it is placed is not as strong as the natural tooth. So, sometimes any damage to the core tooth may remain undiagnosed due to intact covering, also removal of the crown also is a bit difficult as compared to the other crowns.

Then its High Price

The zirconia crowns are comparatively much more expensive than the normal artificial dental crowns. So, most people hesitate to opt for the zirconia crown. Especially, when multiple teeth have to be restored.


How long does Zirconia Crown Last

Mostly it depends upon, how well you take care of your oral hygiene. Because ultimately the crown is placed over the tooth, and as long as the tooth does not get affected, the crown will be intact. Especially if we talk about the zirconia crown then due to its superior characteristics in relation to strength, it does not get affected easily unless the tooth underlying it, gets into any condition.

But if we talk analytically, then it remains intact 10 to 15 years, but if the oral hygiene is maintained properly, then it can last life long also.

What if it gets Displaced or gets Broken

As we have discussed above that it has superior quality, hence it does not get broken or affected easily, but yes there can occur displacement or loosening of crown, if your dentist has not used materials properly for the attachment of crown over the tooth, or may be due to some other cause your crown gets loose.

Then don’t panic, just carefully take your crown, put it safely in some packet and take it to your dentist, he will examine it and most likely refix it. Also in some places, the zirconia crown gets 5 years warranty, so if any damage to the crown occurs, then your dentist will replace it.


What is Price of Zirconia Crown

Now you have known almost all the important aspect of the zirconia crown, so you might be wondering that what is the cost of these crowns. Although the prices vary as per the location and quality of the crown. In the US or Canada, the price is almost $1000 per unit.

So this was in brief about the zirconia crown, if you want to know any detail about any aspect mentioned in this article, then let us know in the comment section below.


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