Are Dental X-Ray Safe for Kids?

Are Dental X-Ray Safe for Kids?

As a parent, we understand you want to keep your child as comfortable and safe as possible during their healthcare visits. Sometimes, we recommend taking dental X-rays to better evaluate your child’s oral health. You might be wondering if they’re safe. Read on to learn about the purpose and safety of dental X-ray imaging.


Dental X-ray technology aids our team in identifying and treating oral health problems early. This tool helps us detect tooth decay, track the development of erupting teeth, and diagnose bone disease and infection. After an injury to the mouth, a dental X-ray can help us determine the severity of damage so we can plan the best course of treatment.


Thanks to modern digital imaging technology, your child is exposed to only a tiny amount of radiation when X-rays are taken. Additionally, we utilize shields and lead body aprons to protect your child, and only take X-rays when medically necessary.


If your child has a history of a high number of cavities, we may recommend X-rays every six months during their biannual exam. However, many kids only need X-rays once a year. Depending on your child’s dental history, age, special needs, and clinical presentation, we’ll let you know our recommendation for how often your child should have X-rays.

Preventive Dental Care

The focus of preventive dental care is to prevent oral health problems from developing. But sometimes issues and accidents happen so routine checkups and X-ray imaging help us identify issues early before they require more extensive treatment.

For example, early-stage tooth decay can often be reversed with improved daily oral hygiene, plenty of water, and a well-balanced diet. But if left unaddressed, tooth decay will eventually require a filling, root canal therapy, or extraction. In addition to decay and cavities, X-rays also help us better visualize infection and problematic wisdom teeth.

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