Are there Side Effects for a Child’s Sedation Dentistry?

Are there Side effects for a child's Sedation Dentistry?

child’s Sedation dentistry side effects will vary depending on the level of sedation. Let’s look at the two forms of sedation for children:

Side Effects of Laughing Gas for Kids

Most patients experience no side effects from nitrous oxide and once the gas wears off within a few minutes, they can go about their day as usual. Inhaling too much nitrous oxide can cause short-term vomiting and dizziness. Since we use advanced technology at Naperville Pediatric Dentistry, we’re able to deliver the exact amount of laughing gas toddlers and children need, ensuring this doesn’t happen.

Some children feel a little tired after receiving nitrous oxide sedation. This is mild and will wear off quickly. There are no long-term side effects. If you feel as if your child is experiencing any side effects that don’t disappear shortly, give our practice a call.

Side Effects of General Anesthesia Dental Sedation

  • Your child will likely be tired for up to a day following the anesthesia.
  • Your little one’s nose, mouth and throat might be numb for about 45 minutes after the procedure.
  • Some kids have a slightly sore throat for a day or two after receiving general anesthesia.
  • Children can experience dizziness or nausea.
  • Kids will have to rest and engage in minimal activity for the rest of the day after the procedure. Most are able to return to school or daycare the following day.

Preparing Your Child for Dental Sedation

It can be a good idea to talk with your kid about what to expect with the child’s Sedation Dentistry, as well as the procedure itself, using terms they can understand. Avoid using words that could scare them such as “shot” or “drill.” Instead, let them know that the tooth doctor will be making their teeth healthy and strong and that they’ll either “feel silly” or “go to sleep” during the treatment. 

If your child is still anxious about going to the dentist and being sedated, letting them bring a favorite stuffed animal or toy to the appointment can help them feel more secure. 

Laughing gas for kids doesn’t require special preparations beforehand and a light meal prior to the visit is allowed. 

If your kiddo is receiving general anesthesia dental sedation, your Naperville pediatric dentist will provide you with detailed instructions to follow in order to ensure the procedure is safe. While the instructions can vary depending on your child’s individual needs and level of health, generally, we recommend:

  • After midnight the night before the appointment, avoid giving your child any solid food or non-clear liquid, including milk and juice.
  • If your child is thirsty, they can have a few sips of water up until two hours before the appointment.
  • If your child takes daily medication, give it as usual unless we tell you not to.

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