FAQs on Best Food for Teeth Braces

FAQs on Best Food for Teeth Braces

What kind of candy can you eat with teeth braces?

Hard candies may be okay for your teeth braces if you don’t chew or bite down on them. Soft chocolate is also acceptable for braces, but only in tiny pieces. Caramel and sticky candies should be avoided.

Can you eat cotton candy with braces?

The answer is yes. Cotton candy is rather safe to eat with braces. However, since it contains a lot of sugar, you must brush and floss well afterward to prevent decay.

Can you eat apples with braces?

Your brackets and wires may be damaged if you bite into a full, fresh apple. You may, however, chop your apple into slices so that you just have to chew rather than bite to consume it.

Can you eat potato chips with braces?

Yes, but you must choose the appropriate ones. Braces-friendly snacks include Pringles and “baked” chips. However, just eat one chip at a time to avoid breaking a bracket or a wire. Find out more in our guide to eating chips with braces and eating popcorn with braces.

Can you eat chocolate with braces?

As long as there’s no sneaky caramel, toffee, or nuts hidden within, soft milk or white chocolate is perfectly fine to consume with braces. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward.

Can you eat ice cream with braces?

Are you wondering if you can eat ice cream with teeth braces? The basic answer is that it’s okay to eat ice cream with braces. But stay away from anything hard, like an ice cream cone or nuts. 

Can you eat peanut butter with braces?

While wearing braces, you can still have your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Chunky peanut butter should be avoided at all costs, while creamy peanut butter is totally fine when wearing braces.

Can you chew gum with braces?

People with expanders should not chew gum; however, those with standard braces may if the gum is sugar-free and it’s on the ADA (American Dental Association) approved list.

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