10 Tips on How to Soothe a Teething Baby

Navigating Your Baby's Teething Journey with Ease


Teething is an essential yet uncomfortable part of every baby’s growth journey. Symptoms like minor irritability, occasional crying, low-grade fever, excessive drooling, the urge to chew on hard objects, and swollen, tender gums might occur during this stage. If you’re wondering how to help your baby through this tough time, here are 10 home remedies to soothe your teething tot, supplemented with the guidance from a healthcare provider.

  1. Cold Fruit Purees At around 6 months, babies start eating solids, and you can ease their gum discomfort with chilled fruit purees such as bananas, apples, strawberries, and melon.
  2. Icy Washcloth A simple and effective way to alleviate teething pain is with a cool washcloth. After rinsing and wringing a clean washcloth, refrigerate it and then let your baby chew on it.

Safety Note

Always supervise your child while they chew or suck on the washcloth to prevent choking.

  1. Refrigerated Metal Spoon

Using a small, refrigerated metal spoon to lightly stroke your baby’s gums can provide relief.

  1. Cold, Non-Gel Teething Toy Cool, but not frozen, objects soothe teething discomfort effectively. If your baby has a favorite rubber teething toy, cool it in the refrigerator before giving it to them.

Safety Note

Ensure the teething toy is baby-friendly, avoid wooden or solid plastic toys, and refrain from using gel-filled toys as they could freeze or break.

  1. Gentle Gum Massage One of the most effective remedies is a gentle gum massage. Clean your hands and delicately massage your baby’s gums using circular movements.
  2. Comforting Warm Bath A soothing warm bath can help relax your baby and offer a pleasant distraction from the discomfort.
  3. Managing Drooling

Teething can cause excessive drooling, leading to drool rash. Regularly wiping their chin with a soft bib can keep your baby’s skin clean and dry.

  1. Lots of Cuddles

Never underestimate the power of a warm, comforting cuddle. It provides emotional support and a sense of security to your teething baby.

  1. Teething Pain Medication

If these methods don’t ease your baby’s discomfort, consult your healthcare provider about suitable pain relief medication or baby teething medicine.

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