Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Can Maintain the Natural Appearance of Your Tooth

Root Canal Treatment Can Maintain the Natural Appearance of Your Tooth

Your dentist will recommend a root canal treatment (RCT) to help you keep your damaged tooth. A natural tooth will always be better than a synthetic one. This treatment will restore the appearance of your tooth. If you want to know how a root canal treatment can maintain the natural look of your affected tooth, here are the details.

What a root canal treatment (RCT) is

Many people think of a root canal procedure as agonizing. This is not correct. This treatment removes the pain the patient experiences from an infected pulp. The patient does not need to worry about pain during the treatment because the dentist will administer a local anesthetic.

The treatment targets the root canal, which contains the pulp. This part of the tooth contains blood vessels and nerves. It provides moisture and nourishment to the tooth. Once infected, the pulp swells up and causes discomfort. A root canal treatment can even improve the appearance of teeth.

How the treatment enhances a tooth’s appearance

A tooth with a dying pulp will experience discoloration. This affects the natural color of the tooth. It will darken because nothing is sustaining the tooth anymore. The dentist will perform a root canal treatment to restore the tooth. Cleaning the affected root canal will be the first step.

Anesthetic Injection & Access Opening

The dentist will remove the contents of the root canal. Before doing so, the dentist will inject the affected area with a local anesthetic. This will make the procedure painless. The dentist will start by drilling a tiny access hole on the tooth’s surface. Then, the dentist will remove the infected and dying pulp. The dentist will use tiny files to make this happen.

Cleaning & Shaping

Cleaning & Shaping

Then, the dentist will clean out the hollowed tooth. Reshaping and decontaminating it will be next. Irrigation solutions will make this possible. Once the tooth is ready, the dentist will fill the space with gutta-percha. This material is rubber-like. An adhesive cement will help attach this sealant to close up the canals.

The natural tooth will be dead after the root canal treatment. There will be no sensation in the tooth anymore after the procedure. The patient will not feel any pain in the tooth. This is the result of pulp removal. With the loss of sensation comes relief and the absence of infection.


Filling the tooth is not the end of the root canal treatment. Restoring the tooth’s healthy appearance is the final goal of the procedure. The dentist will accomplish this by placing a custom-fit dental crown over the exposed part of the tooth. The crown will be tooth-colored, allowing it to blend well with the patient’s natural teeth.

Restoring the natural appearance

The dentist will shave off some of the healthy dental structure. Then, the dental crown will go over the tooth and stay there with strong dental adhesive. The dental crown will protect the treated tooth underneath. It will also help keep the tooth together. The tooth’s appearance will be healthy and strong. Anyone will have difficulty telling it apart from the patient’s natural teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

A root canal treatment can maintain and improve the appearance and general condition of your tooth. Seeing your tooth deteriorate is never a good thing. Your dentist can help restore your tooth and make it look healthy again. A visit with your dentist can determine if you need a root canal treatment. If so, this will be your opportunity to regain your dental health.

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