What are the Benefits of a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are a lot of advantages of choosing full mouth dental implants compared to dentures. The benefits it offers can offset the high cost that might discourage you. Here are some benefits to consider:

1. A Permanent Solution

Dental implants get attached directly into your jaw bone, and they’re custom-created to fit your mouth. They’re placed as a bar of teeth to fill in your smile if you lost more than two teeth. With their permanence, you don’t need to remove it or use adhesive anymore.

2. Comfort

Experts commend implants for their comfort and stability. As said before, dentists attach your implants into the jaw bone. That means you’ll have a more natural experience regardless of whether it’s talking, chewing, or other functions.

3. Better Bones

A full reconstruction benefits your bone and dental health more compared to dentures. The latter can cause bone deterioration, making your mouth collapse. Dental implants avoid this by becoming one with the jawbone, preserving your bone health.

4. Easy Maintenance

If you lead a busy life, dental implants are for you. It’s often described as “set it and forget it,” meaning you don’t need to put them out for cleaning. You can care for them as if they’re your real teeth—that means brushing and flossing will keep them maintained.

Who Needs a Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction?

This procedure often concerns people that have a diverse set of dental problems. After all, they need a comprehensive treatment plan to make sure that both their aesthetics and functionality improve. In most cases, they have missing, broken, or worn teeth due to teeth grinding.

Individuals born with dental conditions like Amelogenesis also need full mouth restoration. This helps correct their bite while addressing their gum and temporomandibular joint problems. It will take at least several months of procedures to get the needed results.

A lot of people have health problems that make it impossible for them to sit for long periods of time. With this, they undergo sedation dentistry. It helps your orthodontist have fine control over your movements.


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