What Is the Deal with Emdogain?

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Inflammation of the gum tissue caused by bacterial toxins is what causes periodontitis, or gum disease.

Inflammation of the gum tissue is induced by the toxin produced by the bacteria in plaque, which irritates the gum tissue, causing an inflammatory response, causing the gum tissue to dissolve and the bones supporting your teeth to fall out.

As a result, the gums separate from the teeth, creating pockets that can be infected and bleed, causing the gums to separate from the teeth.

The pockets will gradually deepen as the disease progresses, destroying more gum tissue and bone. As more gum tissue and bone are destroyed, the teeth may become loose and may even need to be extracted as a result.

There had been no way to regenerate gum tissue that supports teeth prior to the invention of Emdogain. However, with Emdogain, we are able to provide you with a solution to this problem and prevent tooth loss.

Emdogain has been proven to reverse the effects of gum disease in more than 400 clinical studies, showing that it can actually save teeth from gum disease!

What does Emdogain do?

It is believed that Emdogain reverses gum disease naturally by regenerating lost gum tissue and bone in the same way that stem cells use proteins to generate new cells. Emdogain works in the same manner as stem cells in generating new cells.

How is treatment administered?

The procedure starts with a small surgical incision that is made after anesthesia has been administered, a cleaning of the root surface, and application of Emdogain. The site is then closed with sutures after the procedure has been completed.

Following the completion of the Emdogain procedure, you will receive instructions on how to take care of the surgical area and schedule follow-up appointments to check on your healing progress.

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