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Teledentistry is a modern method of exchanging clinical information and images between dentists and patients through an online platform. This technology has made dentistry more accessible, affordable and of better quality for patients. It is beneficial for both patients and dentists, especially during times like the recent pandemic when dental clinics were closed, and patients needed remote consultation.

Through teledentistry, patients can have online consultations with their dentists, and if necessary, prescriptions can be given, saving time and money. In case of a dental emergency, such as accidental tooth loss, especially in children, dentists can guide parents on what measures to take to monitor their child’s health and transport the tooth safely to the clinic for re-implantation.

For complex dental procedures such as orthodontic treatments or implant procedures, patients can easily seek a second opinion through an online video consultation without having to physically visit the dentist, ensuring accessibility and affordability without compromising the quality of care.

Teledentistry can also help parents of young children who are anxious about visiting a dentist. An online video consultation with the dentist can help familiarize children with the dentist and provide necessary treatment plans so that parents can prepare their child for the visit. Dentists can also demonstrate necessary procedures on models to eliminate children’s fears.

Old-aged patients can also benefit from teledentistry, as they can receive dental consultations in the comfort of their homes without having to travel. In summary, teledentistry ensures quality dental care that is available at traditional brick and motor clinics, saving patients time and money.

By Dr.Zainab Safadi

General Manager

European Medical Center

United Arab Emirates

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